Using a Night Storage Heater on Vacation

Night Storage Heater on Vacation

I went on vacation and had to use a night storage heater, had never come across one ever. If your interested these heaters work by storing heat in the ‘bricks’ inside. The bricks are heated by electricity supplied during the Off Peak period during the night.( this period is fixed by the electricity company time clock near your meter and you have control on the time it gives your off peak electricity).

You will normally have 2 controls on the heater, one marked input and one named output. The input is used to control how long the heater will charge up for during this off peak period as a rough guide each number represents an hour obviously the longer the charge the more heat it will store but the more it will cost. The output knob operates a vent inside to govern the amount of heat that is let out, the higher this is set the warmer the room will be but the quicker it will lose it’s charge.

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