Great Scale For Small Ebay Operation

Great Scale For Small Ebay Operation

I have found a great scale for a budget conscious individual. I use it for shipping out Ebay goods and was sick of dealing with over/under paying for postage. Nothing worse then having your buyer HAVE to pay for additional postage when it arrives because of a bad weight reading. The Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale is an affordable, accurate and nifty scale for the price. I check calibration often and it has never skipped a beat. Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale

Great for determining precise weights in ounces. Several modes allows you to display the weight in pounds/ounces – Just pounds, just ounces or even grams – Displays weight info on it’s large blue LED display that is easy to read. This model is really useful because it can handle packages up to 85 lbs.


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Very Happy With This Tyre Inflator

Very Happy With This Tyre Inflator

I was reluctant to get the Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid, but I am glad I finally did. I have been using this inflator for over one year. I haven’t tried other inflators but I don’t have to because this is just perfect for what I need it for.

It does the job and it fits in perfectly in my car trunk. It has back light display, the readings are accurate, it is fast. The only negative will be that, its a bit noisy but it is something you can live with. Another perfect tool for a DIY enthusiast.

Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid

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Bought a Vicks Ear Thermometer

The Best Ear Thermometer for my family

I bought the Vicks One-Second Ear Thermometer and have found it very useful for the WHOLE family. By far one of the best investments I’ve made in the first aid box. The unit is very convenient, super quick, and accurate.

Vicks One-Second Ear ThermometerFound this very useful when I need to get a fast temperature reading. It comes with plastic (thin) sleeves so that the thermometer is always clean when needed. Overall, great value ear thermometer with many helpful features.

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Using a Night Storage Heater on Vacation

Night Storage Heater on Vacation

I went on vacation and had to use a night storage heater, had never come across one ever. If your interested these heaters work by storing heat in the ‘bricks’ inside. The bricks are heated by electricity supplied during the Off Peak period during the night.( this period is fixed by the electricity company time clock near your meter and you have control on the time it gives your off peak electricity).

You will normally have 2 controls on the heater, one marked input and one named output. The input is used to control how long the heater will charge up for during this off peak period as a rough guide each number represents an hour obviously the longer the charge the more heat it will store but the more it will cost. The output knob operates a vent inside to govern the amount of heat that is let out, the higher this is set the warmer the room will be but the quicker it will lose it’s charge.

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My new Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit

The Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit

I must say that I am very impressed with this soldering kit. I have a friend that has the Master Appliance UT-100SiK Ultratorch Self Igniting Heat Tool with Metal Storage Case and I have to say that this soldering kit is twice as good.

This unit comes in a nice plastic case with a spot for all your tips and such and has a foam pad to keep them from banging around. This unit fires up every time without any problems. I love the fact that once you light this soldering iron all it takes is a little flick of the switch and the flame is redirected to the tip. It heats up fast and tips are easy to exchange.

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My Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer

Using the Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer

Finally, a nose trimmer that actually works. I had stopped buying those rotary ones that never work. I used the Philips Norelco NT9130 and all hairs were gone for quite a while. Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer

This is the best trimmer ever. It has attachments for nose, ear, eyebrows and sideburns. This is the only product you need. It’s important to follow the instructions and rinse the blade under running water while the blade is running, especially after nose trimming. But after several uses over several weeks, I’m seeing no problems.  Highly recommend this one! Philips is a great company.

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The Benefits of Using an Electric Can Opener

My new Hamilton Beach 76380Z Can Opener

I can’t believe the difference between this and all other can openers I have ever owned. I was skeptical about the can opener reviews, but decided to give it a chance, as my old can opener had given up its ghost and has been retired to the scrap heap.

Hamilton Beach 76380Z

It works as soon as you put in can in the opener. I’ve had this Hamilton Beach for 4 weeks now and it’s great. I also like the fact that you can remove the entire chrome cutting assembly to put in the dishwasher. I’ve tried removing it and it’s very easy to do so.

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Our new KRUPS F2307051 Egg Cooker

Best Electric Egg Cooker for Atkins Diet

I have never wanted an egg cooker. Thought it a waste of time. However, I my wife has started on the Atkins Plan for life and eating poached eggs. She hates to poach in a pan and experimenting with microwave egg cookers has been a real disaster.

So after being bugged for a while I invested in the KRUPS F2307051 after reading loads of Egg Cooker Reviews. This is a nice compact egg cooker that will hold 7 eggs for hard boiling. It’s very simple to use, just add water according to the included measuring cup, poke holes in the eggs with the included poker (on the bottom of the measuring cup), and turn it on.

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Using the Remington Pearl CI95 Curling Wand

Remington Pearl CI95 Curling Wand Contender for Best Curling Tong

I bought the Remington Pearl CI95 for my wife who has fine, flyaway hair. It is simple to use, for those of us like me who was previously clueless. The little stand on the wand is useful and I like that I can control the temperature on it.

A glove is provided which we haven’t used. Make sure you use the glove that comes with it or you’ll get burnt fingers! Definitely great curling tongs

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Early Days Using the Black & Decker STC1815-GB Cordless Strimmer

Is the Black & Decker STC1815-GB the Best Cordless Strimmer

I had no previous experience of using a strimmer but I found the Black & Decker STC1815-GB easy and effective to use from the first occasion. The battery lasts for 25 mins or more. It coped well with the thick, long grass.

Black & Decker STC1815-GB

It is still early days yet and I await to find out how durable the rechargeable battery is over time. An extra Li battery was a good investment – that way I get close to an hour of strimming. I am pleased with this cordless strimmer’s performance.

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Is the Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter the Best Starter

My Stanley J5C09 is the Best Jump Starter

The basic function of one of these things is pretty simple: take a car with a dead battery and give it enough of a boost in juice to get the engine to turn over. They certainly beat trying to find and then position someone to get a jump between cars. I use my Stanley J5C09 mainly as a portable dc source rather than a portable jump starter / tire compressor and am very happy with it.

You only need a regular outside extension cord to charge it, no adapter to keep up with. That in itself is 5 stars. It has a DC adapter for the cigarette lighter but that is easily tied to the handle. This is a great Jump Starter, starts a vehicle with a completely dead battery with no problem, the air compressor works great and recharging it requires only an extension cord so you don’t have to worry about having a special charging adaptor for the unit.

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Advantages of Bankers Lamps

The Best Bankers Lamp

Bankers lamp shades have been in use as far back as the 1700s. Undoubtedly, there are several types of lamps available but a unique one is the bankers desk lamp. For those that may be wondering about the origin of its name, a brief lesson.

The bankers lamp shade as you may have rightly guessed is actually associated with banking. The first group of people it was associated with was bankers who used it in the course of their work which usually ran late into the night. Since then the name has stuck.

Here is a picture of the great Ledu L557BR Traditional Banker’s Lamp.

Ledu L557BR Traditional Banker's Lamp

Today’s styles vary a great deal from the classic while still using the same name. Some have a flat base with only a single tube holding up the shade of the light which might not even be made of glass at all. For those that have a lot of money to spare, there are intricately designed lamp shades featuring the use of precious metals like gold and even diamond.

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Best Cordless Rotary Tool

The Universal Best Cordless Rotary Tool

Simply put, rotary tools are designed for quick fixation of various components that turn them into the desired device. The best cordless rotary tool is a handy equipment to possess for that exact reason.

So, be it a professional job related to hardware and construction, or just a home use requirement, this tool comes in all kinds of situations. With the same one you can cut wood, sand or polish surfaces, groom your pet’s nails or your own, engrave or carve as well as do numerous other things.

Rotary have become one of the widely used tools because of providing the availability of attaching them with different other equipments for performing a huge assortment of projects.

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What to Consider in an Internal Frame Backpack

Advantages of Internal Frame Backpacks

Basically, internal frame backpacks were designed to eliminate all the drawbacks associated with the external frame models. There are a few design features that give this backpack a definite edge over the external frame model.

The frame is built into the backpack. Therefore, since it is one unit, the backpack will fit and move as one unit with the hiker. Giving you more balance and motion control. This frame is flexible and allows the backpack to fit the contour of your back, resulting in a much more comfortable fit. Internal frame backpacks are also wider at the bottom.

Other features that should be present in a well built pack are curved shoulder pads, hip belts, a back that breathes, and adjustable suspension.

A example of a top internal frame backpack is the TETON Sports Scout3400 Internal Frame Backpack. Its sturdy, sizable without being too heavy, it has compartments for everything, and it’s sleek.

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Using and Electric Cool Box

What makes the Best Electric Cool Box?

When getting a cool box is one of the most important things that one should do when having a day out, especially on a hot day. This is because it enables you to enjoy your cold drinks and meals at your convenience.

Coleman is a trusted brand within the cool box industry, and after reading load of cool box reviews they seem to come at the top of eve ones watch list. The Coleman 62-Quart is a great example perfect for a camping trip.

Tip: A clean cool box will last for a longer time. It will also avoid smelly odors which may seem to seep into the food that you keep inside it. Cool boxes are usually stored in sheds or garages which can have very high temperature when summer months arrive. To avoid moisture, ensure you wipe the inside and then expose it to air or ideally sunlight for about an hour.

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Getting a Hot Towel Cabinet for the Home

Best Hot Towel Cabinet for the Home

I had gone to a spa and the massage therapist always uses hot towels. The hot towels feel wonderful and makes you relax. I started getting therapists to come to my home so I want a small towel warmer. Towel cabinets are the small piece of hardware that is installed in the places where there is a great need for towels.

I highly recommend this to anyone who gets a massage in your home or if you know reiki and want to add this to your program. One of the best hot towel warmers is the Hot Towel Cabi (HC-X) that is capable of holding 24 facial towels at one time.

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The Super X-Acto Electric Pencil Sharpener

The Best Electric Pencil Sharpener

My old sharpener was an X-Acto & lasted for many years. I bought this model after reading loads of electric sharpener reviews. This electric pencil sharpener is good for all pencils but I use it primarily to sharpen colored pencils. It sharpens pencils quickly and with great points. Price was reasonable and affordable. Good deal.

X-Acto Electric Pencil Sharpener (1818)

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Checkout the De’Longhi Vento V550715 Electric Oil Filled Radiator

De’Longhi Vento V550715 – Best Oil Filled Radiator

I never thought I would be impressed by a radiator. First thing you will notice is how good it looks, it does not look out of place in the corner of a room and is far away from the normal square and chunky design.

De'Longhi Vento V550715

Probably the best oil filled heater out there. I regularly move it around the house to the room I am in during the day and it easily gets too hot so I have to turn the temp down. Very good value for money and even keeps our large living room a comfortable temperature during the day. Very happy!

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Taking a Travel Iron on Vacation

Best Travel Iron to Take on Vacation

I bought the SteamFast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron compact travel iron to take on a trip to Europe, since some of the clothing I brought would need a light press.

I was going to be there for a 3 weeks and I had rented a furnished apartment, and I wasn’t sure that they’d have all the cords and gadgets that I’d need, or that their iron would be suitable (clean and work well).

SteamFast SF-717

I was pleased by the ample length of the cord, which made it easy to use without an extension cord on most occasions.

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